After many years of volunteering at various levels for several community outreach groups, forums, platforms and organizations one overwhelming commonality was that most of these groups had high levels of talk and low levels of action …leading to indifference…causing stalls in accomplishing goal and often they forgot about the heart in it all, their cause, the very reasons they formed or begun was lost in this process, and smothered in greed. We formed NWGH to be a vehicle for change…a platform to shed light on an otherwise dark problem in our society now not later.
Corey found a passion for helping exploited children that cannot help themselves after volunteering to auction an event to support the healing of exploited youth …he has been a father, a coach in the Oregon City community and a volunteer and soon it became apparent through his experiences he found he could do more.

In the Summer of 2018, just 2 years after the foundation formed, NWGH Estate Services was launched in an effort to provide a unique “full service” estate handling experience for families that, not unlike the exploited children served by the foundation, cannot help themselves due to the enormity of their circumstances…the most obvious of which is often grief. We wanted to provide support to these families during a difficult time and offer a way to support children in the process.